Our main activity with organization of medical care for foreigners living in the Czech Republic.


Almost all of us had to asked for medical care in the Czech clinics, hospitals, private hospitals and doctors. A large part of foreign patients are unaware of their rights in the provision of medical aid, which are regulated in the Czech Republic “Law on the provision of health services No 372/2011, Chapter 4.” Předpis č. 372/2011 Sb.Zákon o zdravotních službách a podmínkách jejich poskytování (zákon o zdravotních službách) ČÁST ČTVRTÁ – POSTAVENÍ PACIENTA A JINÝCH OSOB V SOUVISLOSTI S POSKYTOVÁNÍM ZDRAVOTNÍCH.

Many of us also has faced with several challenges:

The language barrier between a patient and a doctor, who can not afford to correctly describe the complaint to tell about illnesses in the past. A patient usually don’t understand the details of a doctor prescribed treatment, the terms written in the medical report and other medical information.

If you are referred for consultation with a specialist or to some research tool, it can be expected from a few days to weeks.

There is so difficulty to make an appointment for a consultation with an experienced specialist, professional, recognized in Europe.

You probably has an expirience, when has scheduled for a consultation on the exact time, but has waited an additionaly 30 min. and more.

When you has visited to a hospital for medical care in case of emergency stuff (trauma, acute illness, etc…) you likely will be hard to understand not only a doctor, but also appreciate his professionalism, accuracy of diagnosis and the correction of prescribed treatment. Even if you have any doubt, then it is unlikely that there will be an opportunity at the same time to see a specialist from another hospital. You have to follow simly rool: be trust or dont.

Quite often a doctors has prescribed a treatment due to “clinical diagnosis”, based on the so-called “physical” examination. At the same time, your request to provide some laboratory diagnostics tests (blood etc.) or instrumental investigations to clarify the diagnosis, the doctor may make a loss or irritation, and is regarded as a manifestation of personal confidence.

The problems has raise a questions, but the answers there are not always easy to find them:

  • In case of a doctors prescribed treatment was not effective, what you have to do, what is the best solution?
  • you need the medicines that you have take before and it was helpfull, but a doctor does not think it’s reasonable
    and don’t want to write you a prescription for them, what you have to do?
  • you decided to make for yourself some instrumental examination as a prevention, or that was recommended with other doctor to confirm the diagnosis, but you need a referral list from a doctor, but he did not consider that it necessary, and will not write it. What you have to do?

How and by whom created our service?

Supporting service of medical care in the Czech Republic to foreign patients (speaking in Russian, Ukrainian, English and other languages​) accompany them to consultation with physicians and other specialists, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, simultaneous translation on examination, translation of medical reports, the organization of the medical conzilium, helping patients with suspecting medical errors and other problems was founded in 1999 on the initiative of GP doctor Klyuev Vasily and orthopedic specialist from the Czech Republic – Dr.Jan Shula on the basis of a multi-disciplinary private clinics International Medical Services in Prague. Cooperation of trained staff, professional translators, Russian-English-Czech-speaking doctors, has been very successful and has allowed hundreds of foreign patients to solve problems with communication, improve the quality of medical care in the all areas of internal medicine diseases.

Doctor Vasily Klyuev has graduated of the Moscow Medical Academy I.M. Sechnova in 1991. From 1991 till 1994 has studied and taught Oriental medicine, acupuncture, diagnostic and treatment method by R. Voll at the Department of Psychotherapy and non-pharmacological treatments of the Faculty of Postgraduate Education 1st MMA of I.M. Sechenov. He was the co-author of several methodological guidelines for physicians on the diagnosis and treatment of non-traditional medicine, has created several atlases of corporal and auricular acupuncture based on a translation from the Chinese manuscripts. From 1994 till 1998 he has studied oncology due to programm of immunodiagnostic in the laboratory of radio – immunology Cancer Center of Blokhin in Moscow. Than continued education in clinical homeopathy at the Department of Postgraduate Education UDN in Moscow, anthroposophic medicine and immunotherapy approach in oncology (mistletoe therapy), in collaboration with physicians and anthroposophic medicine specialist has educated of anthroposophic medicines therapy of cancer in Moscow, than in anthroposophic medicine Clinic Eshelbronn (Germany). Since 1999 he has founded and developed the” Service and organization of medical care in the medical facilities of Czech Republic for foreigners”. Since 2001 has been collaborating as a member and consultant for co-clinical trials in oncology (immuno preventive therapy programms of cancer recurrence) and Immunology (compensatory immunotherapy with long-time use of TNF blockers in the treatment of autoimmune diseases). Has been continuing consultation and homeopatic therapy as a family doctor.

The main directions of our services.

Consultations with doctors and medical specialists in the shortest possible time, during 1-2 days after request.

Organization and providing all necessary laboratory tests and instrumental investigations in the shortest possible time (blood and urine tests during 1-2x days, instrumental diagnostics procedures – up to one week). According to the patient request we have make organization complete nessesary diagnostic prosedures that necessary to clarify the diagnosis and prescribed effective treatment. We have provided the organization of treatment, including surgical treatment, rehabilitation in a hospital of Czech Republic as well as in European Clinics. We also providing organization of medical care at home, 24 hours – services, patient transport service for medical consultations, diagnostic investigations,rehabilitation and other medical procedures.

We have accompanied a patient by an interpreter or a medical specialist interpreter, providing simultaneous interpretation during the consultation, make translation of medical reports from the Czech language into the native language of the patient, make translations of medical documentation from the native language to Czech, English and other languages​. We have accompanying the patient with our translator or interpreter doctor in case of emergency cases to the hospital for ensure proper communication between doctor and patient, provide implementation of professional control of health care quality on the basis of communication with your doctor and other doctors.

We have provided organization of ordering (in the Czech Republic and other European countries) and delivery medicines to the patient.

In the non clear diagnostic cases we have organized of medical conzilium with specialist for assess of correctness of the diagnosis and prescribed adequite treatment on the basis of the opinions of other experts from the Czech Republic as well as from other countries.

We have organized complete preventive check-ups, comprehensive and targeted prevention programs.

There is possible to organized consultation, non-traditional diagnostic and treatment by specialists in alternative medicine, homeopathy.

Our team has educated for multi-lingual translation and interpretation: Czech, Russian, Ukrainian, English, Spanish, German.

We speak and translate We have been provided our services since November 2000 for employers of organizations such as: RFE (Radio Free Europe), PHILIPS, SIEMENS, AGIP, Embassies and Consulates in the Czech Republic, banks, etc…, more than a thousand citizens from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Lithuania, Latvia, USA, Canada, Holland, Belgium, England, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Israel, Iran, Pakistan, UAE, Iraq other pulsatile tourists and permanent residents in the Czech Republic, adults and children, movie stars (Sean Connery, Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson, Daniel Craig etc.) the medical care for our patients, we have organized in such hospitals as hospital Motol Hospital RFC, Homolka Hospital, clinics LF Charles University, Military Hospital Streshovitse, Rehabilitation Hospital Malvazinky, Klinikum Nord, Nuremberg, Germany, Medical University of Vienna, Austria, Andersson MD clinic, Madrid, Spain and al.

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