Consultation with the doctor, homeopathy-specialist. Homeopathy diagnostic, treatment of acute and chronic diseases, with homeopathic medicines, prevention of chronic diseases attacks

Dr. Vasily Klyuev, homeopathy specialist. 3-7 days.
Anthroposophiy clinic Havelhёe (Berlin, Germany. Oncology, geriartriya).
Anthroposophic clinic Eshelbronn (Niefern - Eshelbronn, Germany. Specialization in Oncology.)
Up to 5-7 days.

Organization of order homeopathic medicines from pharmacies in Germany and other European states, delivery to the Czech Republic or other countries due to request of the patient

Clinic stuff due to service.
2-5 days.

Homeopathy specialist home care

Dr. Vasily Klyuev.
1-2 days.

Psychology specialist care

Mgr. Wexelbauer Natalia, Prague.
Due to individual agreement.