Organization of consultation with internal specialist and practising physicians (GP)

Till 24 hours.

Organization of consultation with doctors of all medical specialties

From 1 till 3 days.

Organization of consultation with senior doctors of medical departments and head physicians

From 3 till 7 days.

Organization of the laboratory tests (in case of the physician requirement or on the base of patient request, in any range)

Till 24 hours, the laboratory tests are done in 1-3 days period.

Organization of instrumental examinations USG, ECG, X-ray (ultrasound, electrocardiogram, X-ray examination)

1-2 days.

CT, MRT (computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging)

3-6 days.

PET scan (positron emission tomography)

7-10 days.

Echo KG (echocardiography)

3-6 days.

EMG (electromyography)

3-5 days.

Organization of medical consultation with specialists in the Czech Republic, Europe and Russia «second opinion»

2-7 days.

Organization of treatment in the hospital. If surgery is necessary, help in choosing the best clinic, physician-curator of the most experienced specialists, providing professional supervision and cooperation with other clinic doctors to select the most effective treatment

From 5 till 15 days.