Organization of the medical care in European states in a diseases-unknown cases: unspecified diagnosis for differential diagnostic studies - choosing of most effective method of therapy of disease (surgery, medicaments, other methods of therapy) for providing deep investigations procedures, additional studies, their interpretation and analysis

Nord-Klinikum (Nürnberg, Germany. All specializations.)
MD Anderson Clinic (Мadrid, Spain. Oncology.)
Ruber Clinic (Madrid, Spain. All specializations.)
Children's Clinic of the University of Vyurtsburg, Germany.
5-15 days.

Organization of consultations with experts in alternative medicine, for the effective of combination all effective type of treatment (classic and alternative medicine)

Anthroposophy clinic (Havelhee. Berlin, Germany. Oncology, Geriatrics.)
Anthroposophy clinic (Öschelbronn. Niefern-Öschelbronn, Germany. Oncology.)
5-15 days.

Organization of re-diagnostic tests, and examinations for diagnose confirmation (laboratory, instrumental, other) in case of false-positive or false-negative results

Laboratory of the Medical Faculty of the Charles University in Prague, departments of instrumental diagnostics of Prague Hospital´s: ( KRČ, UVN, MEDISCAN). Laboratory Prevedig.
1-3 days.